Hegmatan Amir Darb corp

Hegmatan Darb Amir Company, a specialized unit for the production of fire-resistant doors with a mechanized production line and automatic devices, allows you to experience security and touch the importance of time in maintaining human and financial capital, second by second.

Organizational units


Today, organizations are successful in the field of competition, which are faster than others to observe continuous changes in the environment and take advantage of opportunities; With the help of God Almighty, we have established an agile organization in accordance with world standards as a powerful and leading group in the field of production of fire-resistant doors, using the precious experience of our father since 1330 and moving in the direction of innovation. Since the establishment of Hegmatan Darb-e-Amir Company in 1392, by designing pivotal and aggressive development strategies and by creating a portfolio of quality and comprehensive products, as well as forming a professional, dynamic and empathetic team, we have created conditions in order to achieve the same To help improve human safety against the powerful and ruthless flames of fire, to enlighten a bright and secure future beyond this important valley and to provide the greatest possible satisfaction to our customers.

Amir Darb Management
Amir Darb Management

Financial and commercial unit

The Financial and Commercial Unit operates a set of measures related to the development of business relations. Among the responsibilities of this unit are determining the company’s policy in the fields of finance and sales, long-term financial planning, acting to analyze the market and select target markets, concluding business contracts and reviewing the consumer market of the company’s products.


The accounting unit in this industrial company is one of the important units that has played a useful role in the success of the company and has informed it of the impact of accounting on the prosperity of the business. The most important actions of the accounting unit are transaction registration, budgeting and planning, decision making, business performance, financial status, credit, financing and legal requirements.

Amir Darb Management
Amir Darb Management

Administrative unit

One of the units of this company that causes better organization of equipment and manpower is the administrative unit. One of the most important tasks of this unit is to implement the policies and guidelines of the company in the fields related to administrative affairs, employment and support, supervising the proper performance of activities of affiliated units, preparing and regulating the necessary bylaws, sections and administrative instructions, planning to provide the required manpower , The preparation of plans related to the general welfare of employees and monitoring the implementation of these plans, as well as monitoring the implementation of employment regulations.

Packing unit

The packaging unit is responsible for identifying, maintaining and protecting the product against environmental factors, shocks and mechanical collisions from production to consumption. Also, packaging design is one of the important points that help to improve the business, which is done in this unit in cooperation with research and development and quality control units. After the production process, the products are transferred to the packing unit and after packing, they are delivered to the warehouse unit.


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