Hegmatan AmirDarb Company

Hegmatan AmirDarb Company

Hegmatan AmirDarb Company was founded in 2013. This company’s goal is to produce fire resistant doors (or fire doors) and it has developed in technology, despite all the challenges it faced, under the guidance of managers and IT sciences experts. Our committed managers and expert colleagues have always this goal in mind to recognize the customers’ need and to offer the optimum services based on state-of-the-art technology to all the country.

The Products:

Louvre Doors (Grill Doors):

Louvre double doors are appropriate for air handling unit rooms, electrical rooms and other places that need ventilation.

Data Centre and Server Room Door:

The metal door of data center, we can attach a transparent glass frame on this door, the variety of smart locks, door access control system or electromagnetic locks and safety locks. Also, we can attach grill to ventilate the place and we can motorize this kind of door.

Electrical Room Fire Door:

Metal fire door for electrical rooms, made of galvanized material. This door with Fire Resistant Rate (FRR) is suitable in Fire Zones, and we can install louvre and grill on the doors in places that need constant ventilation.

Galvanized Steel Door (Double Door)  60 Minutes FRR:

Galvanized Door (Double Door) which is fire resistant. We can produce the double door pairs with different dimensions. This door has a 60 minutes FRR.

Similar Product/ Products:

Galvanized Door (Double Door) with a specific Fire-Resistant Rate.

Galvanized Steel Door (Double Door) → 90 Minutes FRR:

This double door has a 90 minutes FRR and it is categorized in Category B. This product is suitable to install in Emergency Exit. We can install the variety of single point locking system, panic multi-point locking system and other types of safety locks.

Fire Door  Single Door Covered with Cold Rolled Steel Sheet (or Oil Steel Sheet), with a 120 Minutes FRR:

Fire door that has a 120 minutes FRR.

Fire Door → Galvanized Steel Door (Single Door) with a 90 Minutes FRR:

Single Door with decorative panels which are fire retardant and self-extinguishing. They are UV- resistant and washable. We can install decorative panels in harmony with the facades next to the doors.

Fire Door → Galvanized Steel Door (Single Door) with a 120 Minutes FRR:

This is a galvanized steel single door with a 120 minutes FRR. We can install that in Emergency Exit or in spaces that need safety and security ironmongery and door access control system.

Fire Door → Galvanized Steel Door (Single Door) with a 120 Minutes FRR:

This emergency exit door has a 120 minutes FRR. We can install a transparent glass frame on this door that you can look through.

Fire Door → Emergency Exit Door with a 90 Minutes FRR:

The Emergency Exit Door that has a 90 minutes FRR, is made of Galvanized material.

Fire Door → Emergency Exit Door with a 120 Minutes FRR:

The Emergency Exit Door that has a 120 minutes FRR, is made of Galvanized material.

Fire Door → Emergency Exit Door with a 180 Minutes FRR:

The fire door that has a 180 minutes FRR, is made of Galvanized material.

Fire Door → Emergency Exit Door with a 240 Minutes FRR:

The single door that that has a 240 minutes FRR, is made of Galvanized material.

About us:

The Words of the Company’s Executive Manager:

Nowadays, successful organizations are those that observe the constant changes in the surrounding environment, faster than others and take advantage of passing opportunities. God helped us to work as a strong and pioneer company to produce fire doors. We use our ancestors experience, who worked in this field since 1951. With our innovative attitude, we have established a company based on universal standards. We started our company in 2013. And from that moment on, we had development strategic plans to produce a whole collection of high-quality products. We have created an expert, active and harmonious team, with the hope of a bright and safe future and improve our customers satisfaction. Our mission is to increase human safety against fire.

Hegmatan AmirDarb factory is located in Bouali Industrial Town in Hamedan. The factory area is 7000 square meter, from which 5000 square meter is roofed space. The factory includes specialized section of engineering and innovative ideation section. Our working team includes more than 150 professionals who work in the sections of production, sales, installation, smart and online selling system. Our company is the first of its kind that specialize on fire doors production. We export our products to the neighboring countries, including Oman, Iraq and Georgia. And our products have got credible national and international certifications relating to our field of work.

  1. Our company honors:
  2. The greatest and most expert producer of fire doors
  3. The first operating certificate to produce safety doors
  4. To be a member of the committee of developing standards for safety against fire in the Iranian National Standards Organization
  5. To be selected as one of the best producers of the province in this year, by Industry, Mine and Trade Organization in Hamedan province
  6. We’ve received credible certificates from Efectis Group in France

We’ve received credible certificates from Housing, Roads, and 

  • Urban Development Research Department.
  • Our company has a continuous and strong membership in vendor list of Fire and Safety Services Organization
  • We’ve got ISO 9001:2015- quality management certification
  • We’ve got several national and international technical certifications
  • We are environment-friendly producer with the aim of green planet earth
  • We are pioneers to develop the relationship and interaction between industry and universities
  • We are pioneers in modern and safe designing
  • Our aim is to cooperate with Science & Technology Park

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